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Industrial products and spare parts – fast and reliable

We can supply you with a wide range of industrial products from spare parts to an entire crane. We stock only top-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Upon request we also install or erect them at your site.

Drive technology

  • Electric motors
  • Gear motors
  • AC drives / Power converters
  • Ventilators
  • Pumps
  • Hoisting equipment
  • Spare parts

Crane and lifting technology

  • Cranes: Travelling cranes (single or double girder), overhead cranes, slewing cranes (wall or pillar construction), portal cranes, knuckle boom cranes (wall and pillar construction), stacking cranes, and semi-portal cranes, also for explosion hazard locations. We also manufacture cranes to order.
  • Lifting equipment: Chain hoists, block and tackle, lever hoists, ancillary equipment (for example, load measuring devices), beam clamps
  • Carriages: Travel drives, wheel-block units, bogie girders, adaptors
  • Lifting accessories: Lifting chains, lifting ropes, wire rope slings, round slings, load securers, lifting straps, accessories (hooks, shackles, tension locks)
  • Load-carrying attachments: Grabs with two or more shells, grabs with multiple ropes, girder magnets, round magnets, rectangular magnets, battery magnets, load-lifting magnets
  • Remote controllers
  • Spares and accessories: Control switches, clamp buffers, cable drums, lift force limiters, measuring and reading equipment

Door and loading technology

  • Industrial roller shutters, folding doors, sectional doors, sliding doors, fire doors and high-speed doors plus appropriate drives and fittings (e.g. locks, controllers, limits, installation accessories)
  • Moveable platforms, swivel-arm lifts, lifting tables, loading houses, custom designs
  • Cushion dock seals and curtain dock shelters, full-rubber buffers

Lifelines, fall protection and access systems

  • Greifzug travsafe® lifelines and fall protection
  • Horizontal lifelines to protect against falling, complete with intermediate anchors, sliders, PPE set and steel cables
  • Access systems
Mr Achim Serak
Operations Manager
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